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GeoGami is a GeoGame for tablets und smartphones that is played outside: in cities, parks, school grounds or in nature! With GeoGami you can create your own games and rallies for the place of your choice. Each game in GeoGami is based on a map, which is used for orientation.

GeoGami is suitable for use in schools and educational institutions. Even very young map reader can play with GeoGami. The intuitive choice of colors and symbols as well as the possibility of using audio files as tasks make it possible to use the app from the 2nd grade onwards.

The GeoGami games that you can find in our games database so far have been created by GeoGami users themselves. Try these games or create your own game for your location. Choose between different types of tasks, add photos and audio and customize the map to your liking.

Mexicana En Lele by Le Gang -
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iOS Version (iOS AppStore)
Android Version (Google PlayStore)

To play GeoGami you need a GPS-enabled smartphone or tablet with internet access and a built-in compass. The highest accuracy is achieved with a device that has a SIM card. The Android version is only available as an APK file and not yet in the Store. The browser version is suitable for creating the games.

Another technology that GeoGami can use to determine location are Bluetooth beacons. The small transmitters are placed in the area and allow an even more precise locating than GPS. We are currently working on the implementation of the beacons!

GeoGami is still under development. If you find a bug in the app:

Write us!